Basic Haus Grippy Lids - Silicone suction lids

Basic Haus

$ 19.99 $ 39.99

Tired of using saran wrap or foil to cover your leftovers? Is your microwave covered with splatter? Do you wish you had a lid that would work with almost any bowl in your kitchen?

Introducing Basic Haus Grippy Lids

Premium silicone suction lids for storing food, reducing messes in the oven/microwave/stove and for saving you money on plastic wrap and foil. Just place a Grippy Lid on your bowl and press down for an airtight seal so strong, you can even lift the bowl with it!

The 5 pack includes lids that are 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 inches across. When covering bowls and pans, you'll want a lid that's at least 1" larger. So if you have a 13" pan, get the 5 pack since it includes a 14" lid.

Both sets include an adhesive hook to hang your Grippy Lids on for space saving storage.

When picking silicone products, it's important to look for high quality, FDA approved materials that won't stain, discolor or leak into your food. Grippy Lids are made from premium silicone that is non-transparent and looks beautiful.

Grippy Lids have so many uses

  • Great for storing leftovers! Place Grippy Lids over serving bowls at the end of your meal and then place right in the refrigerator.
  • Keep your oven, stove and microwave clean. Grippy Lids are safe for using in temperatures up to 450 degrees and they're microwave safe. Their unique design lets steam escape but keeps splatter in. When finished using them, throw them in the dishwasher!
  • Grippy Lids are beautiful enough to use on the dinner table to help keep hot food hot
  • Perfect for keeping the bugs away at picnics! Throw a Grippy Lid on your bowls and cups when eating outside.
  • And so much more!

Now offering refurbished sets! 

When selecting your size above, you may notice some are labeled as "Refurbished". These are sets that have been purchased previously by customers but then returned to us. We have inspected them and have determined them to be in a good working condition. They may not arrive to you in the original retail packaging.